Did Religion Play Role In Cantor’s Defeat?

Did Religion Play Role In Cantor’s Defeat?

What in the world does “gun owning” have to do with [Eric] Cantor’s primary defeat? (“Tea Party Too Close For Jewish Comfort?” June 20.) In the article, a political analyst made the point that cultural factors may have played a role in Cantor’s loss [to David Brat.]

Plenty of Jews are gun owners, both in the New York area and nationally. Perhaps religious differences and Cantor’s style were factors in his defeat, but the issue of gun ownership seems utterly irrelevant. Cantor was A rated by the National Rifle Association, voted against permitting lawsuits against gun manufacturers when guns are used in crimes, co-sponsored legislation banning gun registration in D.C. and voted for national concealed carry reciprocity. So what on earth do guns have to do with this?

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