Devalued Israel

Devalued Israel

 Perhaps if the Israeli government did not, in the words of my friend in Modiin (who made aliyah last year), believe that behaving like gangsters enhances the State of Israel’s security, we would not have Israel’s face being bloodied on the world stage (“Israel’s Delegitimizers Are Gaining,” June 4). To borrow a line from intrepid British politician Daniel Hannan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now shown himself as the “devalued leader of a devalued government.”

Maybe it’s time Israel had a leader with the courage of a Pierre Mendes-France. Back in 1954 Mendes-France he announced that he would resign as France’s premier if he could not get the Viet Minh to cut a peace deal at Geneva within the next 100 days. It’s time to end this madness now. End of discussion.


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