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Defends Yehuda Glick

Defends Yehuda Glick

During the aftermath of the attempted assassination of our cousin Yehuda Glick, misinformation began to appear in various media outlets that made the victim appear as the perpetrator (“Bibi’s Bind Over Temple Mount Tensions,” Nov. 7). I want to take this opportunity to set the record straight:

1. Yehuda was always a man of peace and tolerance;

2. He never wanted to remove the Muslims off the Temple Mount;

3. He never ever considered harming the Mosques in any way;

4. He believed that Jews had the right to pray on the Holiest site for Judaism;

5. He opposed any kind of violence, and felt that the Temple Mount should be a place of worship and the violence perpetrated against Jews is a gross desecration of the Holy site.

Those who know Yehuda understand that his passion is a result of his love for all Jews and all peoples. His acts of chesed [kindness] towards other Jews, Muslims and peoples of all faiths are well known. As a tour guide he has an infectious sense of humor combined with a deep love of the land of Israel. As a husband, father, son, brother, family member and neighbor he is always the one to be first in love, respect and caring. He always takes the lead in helping those in need, both Jews and Muslims alike. Acts of violence of any stripe are not part of his DNA.

In England there are blogs stating that Yehuda Glick will be the cause of the third intifada. Nothing could be further from the truth and causes him great anguish as he lays in his hospital bed on his long road to recovery.

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