Dealing With Assad

Dealing With Assad

President Barack Obama seems to have a very limited understanding of foreign policy and national defense, and this is becoming more apparent as time goes by. His encouragement to Egypt to have the Muslim Brotherhood included in government was like asking Germany to include the Nazi Party in the next German election. The Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of hatred and violence. Now, he seems to want our air force to attack Syria militarily.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is the one who authorized the use of poison gas, and he should be punished severely. Getting rid of him will remove a very bad ruler and provide a major loss to Iran.

After the fall of Assad, a decentralization of power from the national government to provincial governments will greatly reduce sectarian violence. Each province should be able to determine its own character. “Home Rule” will decide whether a province should be Sunni or Alawite. Free population migration will greatly reduce potential “ethnic cleansing.” American air power can monitor the Syria to assure that no major military formation of tanks, etc., will attack another province or religious group.

East Windsor, N.J.

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