Dead Sea Mall Planned

Dead Sea Mall Planned

International real estate firm Bercleys has announced plans to build the first-ever shopping mall at the Dead Sea, Ynet reported.

The mall will be a single-story, 10,000-square-foot structure and cost about $50 million to build. It will feature a number of global brands as well as a several restaurants, cafes and a museum on the history of the region.

According Bercleys’ Israeli representative, Hagay Adoram, the company decided to build the mall at the Dead Sea (the world’s lowest point) after researched revealed that it was one Israel’s top tourist destinations and that a single tourist has the purchasing power of 17 Israelis.

Nearly “49 percent of [tourists to Israel] visit the Dead Sea as compared to 15 percent who visit Eilat,” Adoram said. “The purchasing power of the total number of tourists visiting the Dead Sea each year is equal to that of about 30 million Israelis.”

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