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Dating Amnesia: The Only Way to Survive

Dating Amnesia: The Only Way to Survive

"I think I have no short-term memory," I told a girlfriend recently.

Or a long-term memory. But that’s another story.

How else to explain the fact that I keep plunging head-first into the dating game despite being slammed into the pavement, again.

And again. And again.

Which is another way of saying, first I fall for this one fellow who immediately runs away.

Boo hoo!

Yet, barely minutes after we part ways, I immediately rush into a date with someone else and end up having a really lovely time. So why did he never call? Even after he said he would?

Which is another way of saying, Wham! As in: That’s the sound of my head hitting the pavement. Hard!

But do I stay home to lick my wounds? Recover from the sting of it all? Allow someone to wrap my skull in zombie head tape?

No. I. Do. Not.

A mere few days later yet another gentleman contacts me on Jdate who seems promising. We have a nice, engaging phone conversation and make a date to meet up. Only a few hours before our date, he cancels on me and then you got it. Disappears!

Ouch! Which is another way of saying, wait! Did I just plunge head first on the cold, hard floor? Again?

A normal person would retreat, no? Would just shut herself up in her house and never, ever, set foot outside again.

A healthy person with some memory cells left would be like, um, this dating stuff is rotten and unreliable and painful and I’d rather spend a quiet evening home drinking myself to death.

Or at least drinking coffee and writing and watching old Paul Simon clips on YouTube.

But not me.

No sirree, Bob.

I just keep at it.

Which is another way of saying, I have a date tonight! Wish me luck!

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