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Courageous Editorial

Courageous Editorial

Courageous editorial. I’m not a Hillary [Clinton] fan and am a swing voter. But this election, there is little to swing for. [Donald] Trump is so beyond the pale in his boorish discourse and even more boorish behavior. At the outset, I was intrigued by his candidacy, but soon dismissed him when I saw no meat inside the wrapper. I had hoped for [Ohio Gov. John] Kasich but, despite her flaws, can live with Hillary. She is worldly, composed, diligent and a pragmatist. She’ll probably be more balanced on foreign affairs than [President] Obama, and domestically more stable for the economy (and for a first, the majority of Fortune 100 companies are backing the Democrat for president).

And as an Orthodox Jew, I am disappointed not by those who are voting for [Donald Trump] out of resignation, but those who are contorting themselves in yoga-like manipulations to justify his crude and lewd behavior.

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