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Correct To Speak Out

Correct To Speak Out

Reading Israel correspondent Joshua Mitnick’s “Turning Their Backs On The Israeli Army” (Sept. 19), as an
 Israeli who
 served in the army, I can’t help but think:
 Who else is supposed to speak up about the danger to Israel from the
 perpetual occupation of the West Bank but those who work within it? Who else will raise the red flags about what is done in the name of 
Israeli citizens under the military occupation if not the men and
women we trust with security? 

I am positive that if the soldiers were talking about possible 
malfunction in the Iron Dome missile system, a malfunction that endangered Israelis,
 we wouldn’t question whether it is too political or a crime to warn 
Israelis. We would say thank you for speaking out. We need to listen 
to what they say, not debate their ability to speak. They did not
 endanger anyone or anything except the deep denial about the indignity
 of the occupation. The assertion is absurd that the debate about Israel’s
fundamental security and future is out of bounds for those who serve. This is what patriotism looks like.

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