Consequences Of Israeli Firepower

Consequences Of Israeli Firepower

The article, “Fault Lines Open As Civilian Deaths Mount” (July 25), does well to highlight the divisions within the American Jewish
community regarding Operation Protective Edge. And while we at Partners for
Progressive Israel do oppose this war, we do not oppose it because we are,
“invested in being critical of Israeli policies,” as your article quotes
Thane Rosenbaum as having said..

On the contrary, Partners for Progressive Israel applauds every positive
action the Israeli government takes in the direction of peace, and we
welcomed the Netanyahu government’s willingness to enter the recent peace
talks sponsored by Secretary of State Kerry. Partners for Progressive Israel
opposes this war because we cannot justify the death of innocent children. We
take that position with a firm understanding of what the escalating violence
means for Israel. I was a combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and I
am still today a reservist in a combat unit. In November 2012, I prepared to
enter the Gaza Strip as a part of the ground invasion that was prevented by
the ceasefire.

Professor Rosenbaum‘s comment that “we see the idea as more important
than anything else” is at the least patronizing. As an IDF veteran I know
the very real consequences of the firepower it is capable of wielding. Israel’s use of massive force has done nothing to actually stop the rockets. Until the violence stops, neither Israel nor the Palestinians will be able to
think clearly about the solvable issues of this conflict. We invite Professor
Rosenbaum to join in helping Prime Minister Netanyahu to
grasp that before many more Palestinians and Israelis are killed.

Managing Director, Partners for Progressive Israel

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