Confusion Over AIPAC Coverage
Letters to the editor

Confusion Over AIPAC Coverage

I read your editorial about why you would not attend the AIPAC conference with admiration (“Why We Won’t Be At The AIPAC Conference,” March 2). It advanced a principled stand in favor of open dialogue.

Imagine my confusion when I received the next week’s issue, which included a front-page story, above the fold, by a staff writer reporting on the AIPAC conference. And inside the newspaper, you published a self-congratulatory piece about how resonant your editorial had been with other Jewish publications about not attending the AIPAC conference. Did your own reporters miss the message?

To make a truly principled stand, next year you should not report on the AIPAC conference at all.

West Hartford, Conn.

Editor’s Note: We should have noted that our March 9 story on the AIPAC conference by Staff Writer Stewart Ain did not have a “Washington, D.C.” dateline, and that though we did not attend in person, we were able to cover the proceedings by watching the major plenary speeches online and speaking to people in attendance by phone.

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