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Competition From JCCs

Competition From JCCs

It is hypocritical for clergy members of the Reform and Conservative movements who vehemently support pluralism in Israel to shout “not in my backyard” when the issue arises in their own bailiwick (“JCC, Synagogues In Holy War In Boca,” Sept. 3).

Who appointed Gerald Weiss “chief rabbi” of Boca Raton to tell the JCC what is “authentic” behavior and what is not? Do Reform and Conservative rabbis believe that they have a “monopoly” on what kind of High Holiday services can be held in Florida?

That being said, I understand why liberal Judaism’s clergy want to suppress competition from the newer movements within American Judaism that are more attractive to their congregants. Post-denominational and Chabad Judaism threaten their ability to “coerce” large membership fees from people who want only to attend prayer services twice a year and have their few life cycle events celebrated in a house of worship

Flushing, Queens

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