Comic On Dual Loyalty

Comic On Dual Loyalty

Stewart Ain’s disturbing cover story on the findings of the ADL global poll (“World Anti-Semitism Seen As ‘Pervasive’ And ‘Persistent,’” May 16) revealed that the most widely accepted stereotype was the canard of dual loyalty (acknowledged by 41 percent of those surveyed). Permit me to share with your readers my two favorite retorts to the dual loyalty charge:

The comedian Alan King affirmed the comparative commendableness of loving two women simultaneously—your wife and your mother; America is the former, Israel the latter. Likewise, Ed Koch, as a first-term Congressman, raised his right hand to a Congressional prayer breakfast (as recorded in his autobiography, “Mayor”): “I pledge to you that if Israel ever invades the United States, I shall stand with the United States.”

Mount Vernon, N.Y.

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