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Christian Appreciation Of Sukkot

Christian Appreciation Of Sukkot

Gary Rosenblatt’s column on Sukkot (“On Sukkot, Stepping Outside Of Ourselves,” Sept. 17) was very enlightening. Although I am a Christian, we do share much in religious and cultural values.

Rosenblatt’s point that an ancient ritual now turned holiday is appropriate for the “modern times” we live in today is definitely correct. Today more then ever people need to reconnect with our faiths roots and remember our origins, our faith in God, our blessings and those who are not as fortunate as we are.
The principal of “suffering” by living in a moderately constructed shelter for a few days, leaving behind the distractions of our modern world and taking the time to reflect on how good we have it and reconnect with the word of God, is all too often forgotten. We live in a world of distractions and instant gratification.

Rosenblatt’s article has caused me to reflect on my own need to rely on God’s protection, wisdom and love.


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