Chorus Against Israel

Chorus Against Israel

The Arabs will never voluntarily accept Israel’s existence. From that perspective time was never on Israel’s side (“Time Is Not On Israel’s Side,” editor’s column, April 8).

The rising chorus of American Jewish voices against Israeli policy a) doesn’t lessen the Arab hatred of Israel, b) doesn’t change the culture of incitement in the Palestinian Authority, c) doesn’t curtail the Jew-killing ambitions of the Islamic Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas or Iran, d) doesn’t stop the arming and fortification of Gaza and southern Lebanon, e) didn’t prevent the transformation of two major nations, Turkey and Egypt from peaceful (Turkey) and at least non-aggressive (Egypt) to outright hostile and to accommodating violence and f) doesn’t change Israel’s precarious geography.

And where was The Jewish Week in preventing this chorus against Israel? Given the coverage J Street gets, you are a co-conspirator in the movement you seem to oppose.

Mike Chenkin

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