Changing The Subject

Changing The Subject

In his chagrin at my criticism in Ami Magazine of Jewish Week reportage, Gary Rosenblatt deftly changes the subject, to “the role of a community newspaper… to expose” wrongdoing (“Is It ‘Anti-Orthodox’ To Seek A Safer Community?” Aug. 5).

What I addressed, however, was not that topic at all. I called attention to: a front-page story in the paper based entirely on anonymous sources and speculation; that same article’s attempt to gratuitously seize an opportunity (a heinous murder, no less) to try to present a halachic decision in a negative light; and the repeated assignment of reporting on real or imagined Orthodox wrongs to a reporter with a long paper trail of writing that portrays haredi society and beliefs as repugnant.

Pointedly, tellingly, Rosenblatt did not respond to any of those charges. He couldn’t have, of course, as they are all, sadly, unassailable truths.

Editor at Large Ami Magazine

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