Chabad Good For Oceanside

Chabad Good For Oceanside

 The heated debate over the Jewish community of Oceanside is framed in completely the wrong way. Chabad has arguably done more to revive Judaism in a post-Holocaust era than any other institution. The culprit is not Chabad but, as several in the debate have pointed out, the emergence of a secular culture. Chabad’s approach is to accept everybody from where they are and lovingly encourage them to grow as a person and a Jew. Chabad houses in the far corners of the world invite Jews to worship together and to join in the unique experience of Shabbat and holiday meals. For many non-traditional Jews, the experience of Shabbat dinners shared with those who are leading a Torah life opens up a whole new level of spirituality. I question those who critique Chabad, especially if they have any firsthand experience worshipping and sharing a meal at a Chabad house. I encourage people to visit Chabad houses in Oceanside and anywhere else around the world for an experience that will change your life! 



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