Censorship From The Left

Censorship From The Left

The Jewish left, as personified by Rabbi Arthur Waskow (Letters, May 20), views the popular pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist position as the only permissible view to hold. Anyone who dares challenge this politically correct and utterly conformist view becomes persona non grata. Jeffrey Wiesenfeld has not been addressed on the issues he raises but has, instead, been personally demonized, libeled and pressured to resign for exercising his right to free speech and academic freedom.

If a professor or student tells the truth about Israel, and if that truth is viewed as too pro-Israel, the truth-teller is harassed, ostracized, pressured to resign and denied tenure and other economic, social and political opportunities. Today’s censorship is coming to us from the left, not the right. The American, European and Israeli left continue McCarthy’s odious work — only now they accuse honest brokers of reality of persecuting them for daring to dissent from the only permissible opinion on campus.


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