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Camelot And Demographics

Camelot And Demographics

Monday, May 19th, 2008

James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” column at Wall Street Journal Online once suggested a perfect Broadway show tune for the global warming nannies who want to legislate (or dictate) our response to the rumored change in the weather.
“A law was made a distant moon ago here:

July and August cannot be too hot.

And there’s a legal limit to the snow here In Camelot.

The winter is forbidden till December

And exits March the second on the dot.

By order, summer lingers through September

In Camelot. …

The snow may never slush upon the hillside.

By nine p.m. the moonlight must appear.

In short, there’s simply not A more congenial spot

For happily-ever-aftering than here In Camelot.”

Actually, I wanted to write something about Israel, but global warming got me thinking: The idea that Israel is doomed by Arab demographics has become the most over-hyped scientific theory since global warming – a theory based on statistical possibility that hysterics have confused with an incontrovertible decree, as if the statistics are fate, incapable of reversal without massive legislation.

We have to trust Al Gore more than we can count on God to fix global warming. After all, the Ice Age and the original global warming that melted the glaciers happened on God’s watch, so what does He know? Instead, we decide to be like the Three Little Bears, the weather can’t be too cold, the weather can’t be too hot, the weather must be juuuuust right. Or panic.

God even decides how many babies are born, so demographics start with Him, too. He hardens hearts and He softens hearts, and from softened hearts come babies. Demographic statistics are about people: People change, parents are blessed, baby booms come and go, fertility rates rise and fall, no reason to panic. I trust God on that sort of thing.

Of course, leftists revel in the demographic threat, not the least because it is the logic behind the demand that Israel has to promptly surrender all Jewish presence on the West Bank (if not the Galilee) or risk losing her Jewish character — eventually. The left sees demographics as a battle in which Israel can’t be saved by her economic and military advantages, her defeat is pre-ordained.

One can make the case that leftists are as obsessed with apocalyptic End of Days scenarios as are the extreme Christians with their “Left Behind” series. The left just sees the End of Days coming from a different direction, not Jesus rising but a rising thermometer; a rising Islamic birth rate.

In fact, Jewish mothers in Israel (religious and secular) are now having more children (per mom) than anywhere else in the Western world, and more children than in parts of the Arab world.

Even the Arabs are expressing their own doubts regarding their demographic destiny.

In Al-Hayat (April 14), a Lebanese paper, Elias Harfoush asks, “Shall we give birth to our children to turn them into new numbers on the lists of martyrs? Is this the fate we prepare our new generations for while the children of the world go to schools and universities, seeking knowledge and specialization? …. [Is] this reproduction machine, now the only source of ‘our pride,’ limited to the Palestinians alone? Are the Israelis, especially those religiously committed, not ‘working’ in the same way? … Consequently, assuring victory in this bedroom race cannot be guaranteed and may lead us to a new catastrophe if we rely on it to achieve ‘victory’ just as the case was in our political and war races.”

But Harfoush believes the Arab birth rate can still “contribute to the destruction of the Jewish state [every bit as much] as Ahmedinejad’s nuclear project,” but “there is no pleasure involved in Ahmedinejad’s project, whereas our project involves nothing less than full pleasure, and this may be its best advantage and its best raison d’Ítre!”

Well. Two can play that game, and several million Israelis are.

The Cold War had its arms race but is this how the Middle East will end, not with a boom but a baby boom?

For another way to see things, check out this piece in Hong Kong’s Asia Times Online, referred to in this week’s Media Watch, in which Israel is not only projected as the ultimate winner in the demographic sweepstakes but Israel is crowned “the happiest country on earth.”

The “happiest country on earth?” Come to think of it, didn’t most of us find it a most congenial spot? The weather’s great, the way you’d figure in a land where “the sun stood still, the moon stayed in place,” [Joshua 10:13], and summer lingers through September.

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