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Buy My Jewish Soul … For $20?

Buy My Jewish Soul … For $20?

The envelope was suspicious in many ways. It had The Jewish Week's address as the destination but also the return address. It was thick, and sealed with tape, and made me think of the days of the anthrax threat after 9-11.

Compelled by curiosity I opened it, relieved by the absence of white powder. Inside, I found a long newsletter type article on religion that my gut told me would eventually lead to Jesus. It took until the third page.

It happens on a regular basis. But this letter was different. Inside was a handwritten note, signed by a man with a Pittsburgh address. "I understand that your time is valuable," he said. "Please accept this check as compensation for taking the time to read the enclosed." And there it was, a check for $20.

Where to begin?

On a strictly professional basis, the amount isn't insulting. It would take me about 10 minutes to thoroughly read the seven pages. That means he estimates my time to be worth $120 per hour, which is far more than the Editorial Freelance Association's recommended rates of $30-$35.

But beneath the surface is a more disturbing idea about the sender's idea of how to get a Jewish person's attention.

In the best outcome, he'd like his message to win me over, which would be fairly cost efficient at $20.44, considering the millions missionary groups in the U.S. spend to recruit a relatively small number of Jews. Jews for Jesus alone is believed to spend about $15 million a year.

"I think your soul is worth at least $26," Craig Miller, the Jewish Community Relations Council's expert on missionaries

at least $26 gematria

at least fiona;; ecognizes that its a pain n the enck at elast trying to cpoenate us for teh agny aof having to endire

a lot of independent genaly feels want to cnnect read the letter one sense weird insulting also insulting to himself

not a trend cant imagine Jf k chsoen pl minstery i think what its kd climate kosher jesus on book shelves meme one of the problms creates telling missionaries let me write.

reality is a def trend toward much more assertve xan evagelims twd Jews also now aproaching the orthodox Jews for juaism opening in new york. ral piush from missionary movement ppl getting these types of letters. somethingh wee need t figire out how to respond to.

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