Browbeating Netanyahu Unfair

Browbeating Netanyahu Unfair

Talia Benamy points out that J Street criticizes Israel out of love (“Money Not Enough,” Letters to the Editor, Dec. 18), but I find it difficult to recall a single instance over the years where J Street has supported unequivocally a policy of the current Israeli government.  

J Street seems to feel that the road to peace in Israel is paved by coddling the Palestinian Authority and browbeating Prime Minister Netanyahu. The lobby employs a classic “blame the victim” mentality by assigning a moral equivalence to Palestinian terrorism and Israeli defense. Its condemnations of attacks against Israeli citizens are inevitably followed by a plea for calm on both sides and a lukewarm rebuke of [Palestinian Authority President] Abbas to tone down his rhetoric. 

A visit to the comment section on J Street’s Facebook page will uncover some of the most vicious anti-Semitic diatribes anywhere on the Internet.   

Where exactly is the love

Scarsdale, N.Y.

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