British Transport Group Chooses Emirates Over Israel

British Transport Group Chooses Emirates Over Israel

( Greater London’s major government-owned transportation body has agreed to refuse business ties with Israel or any Israeli companies in exchange for a 10-year, £36 million sponsorship deal with Emirates Airline for a railway car running over the Thames River.

The United Arab Emirates has no diplomatic relations with Israel. On Monday, Transport for London posted the contract with Emirates Airline online. The contract states that the company will default on the agreement if it engages with “(i) any Competitor; or (ii) any person who is a national of, or who is registered, incorporated, established or whose principal place of business is in a country with which the United Arab Emirates does not at the date of this Contract or at any relevant point during the Term maintain diplomatic relations.”

“This sets a dangerous precedent effectively allowing UAE money to dictate government policy through commercial contracts.Bi-lateral trade has doubled over the past year making Israel one of Britain’s key trading partners. This contractual exclusion would not benefit the UK in the long run. I call on TfL to urgently discuss this matter with foreign and trade ministers and reconsider this agreement before any lasting damage is done,” Paul Charney, Chairman of Zionist Federation UK said in a statement.

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