Break The Rules

Break The Rules

This is a response to Gary Strong’s letter to the editor (Dec. 21) in which he stated that Anat Hoffman would better serve our people if she would just follow “the rules” of the Kotel,

or Western Wall.

He wrote that her actions were taking the focus off “praying to God for the health and welfare of the State of Israel and Jews at large.”

Until women are treated as equals, with the right to wear a tallit [prayer shawl], and read from and carry Torah, the concept regarding the health and welfare of our people will be only remain a concept.

As to following “the rules,” as a people who have suffered by other people’s rules used to enslave, marginalize, dehumanize and exterminate us, we must be in the forefront of demanding equal rights for everyone. Yes, even Jewish women. 

Mr. Strong, rules are made to be followed.  Harmful rules are made to be broken.

Plainview, L.I. 

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