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Break The Mirror: How Schwarzenegger Learned To Love Sargent Shriver

Break The Mirror: How Schwarzenegger Learned To Love Sargent Shriver

Associate Editor

One loved Nixon. One ran against Nixon in 1972, and was the brother-in-law of the man who beat Nixon in 1960. Yet a real bond seemed to develope between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sargent Shrive. Here’s Schwarzenegger’s tribute to Shriver in The Los Angeles Times.

"Sargent Shriver was the greatest motivator I have ever known. Break mirrors, Sarge said…Stop looking at yourself. Stop being so self-absorbed. Learn more about others — know their hopes and dreams, find out what makes them smile and what makes them weep.

"That speech hit me. There I was, a bodybuilder. I was someone who literally spent his life in front of mirrors, practicing poses, working onthe biceps or the triceps, always checking the mirror for progress. Standing in front of mirrors was my job, my fortune. And Sarge convinced me that the only way to truly succeed is to break those mirrors, to direct that energy and ambition not toward myself but to serving others.

"Serve as a Democrat; serve as a Republican. It doesn’t matter if you’re a socialist or a communist, a Catholic, a Jew or an atheist. Just break the
mirror, walk out of the room, reach out… "

It’s a lesson for all people, for all in-laws. Break the mirror. Don’t expect the in-law to be just like you. You don’t need to see your own image reflected, just the image of God.

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