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Bitter Ironies

Bitter Ironies

Regarding the Editorial, “Bibi Takes On The World” (Oct. 31), in the war between good and evil, neutrality is not an option. 
Lively, respectful debate is the cornerstone of democratic constitutions but
when it comes to foreign policy, neutrality can prove fatal.

How bitterly ironic it is that this administration should indiscriminately
hurl personal, injurious insults again against a fellow head of a democratic

How bitterly ironic it is that the target of this verbal abuse is the Israeli
prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, the elected leader of the sole nation of
freedom in the Middle East that courageously stands alone as a bulwark of
democracy against the onrushing maelstrom of mayhem and murder that not only
threatens regional stability but also the shared values of decency that we
treasure in the West.

How bitterly ironic it is that the target of these vile epithets is Netanyahu, a former member of the elite Sayeret Hamatkal commando unit, hardly
a qualification for cowardice.

How bitterly ironic is the reluctance of the mighty United States to confront
the mad mullahs of Iran with their insane nuclear ambitions while the
administration hides behind the indecent assault upon a leader in the free
world who does not in any way deserve be discredited by those who seek to
undermine and discredit him. Perhaps that is cowardice.

How bitterly ironic it is that we have not learned the lessons of history. 
Our collective silence is the ammunition of the harbingers of evil. 
Indifference emboldens the enemy and acquiescence grants them victory.

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