Bill Would Amend Election Law Because Of Shavuot

Bill Would Amend Election Law Because Of Shavuot

The filing period for designating petitions in this year’s election cycle would be extended from 37 to 44 days because the original start date falls on the first day of Shavuot under a bill passed by the Assembly on Tuesday. A Senate vote was scheduled for Wednesday and expected to pass. The bill would then go to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Assembly bill was spearheaded by Speaker Sheldon Silver and sponsored by Joan Millman of Brooklyn and moves the start date up to June 1 rather than June 7. It notes that “extending the time for signing designating petitions by one week this year in recognition of Shavuot observance will help further ensure that all interested New Yorkers may participate equally in our state’s political process.”

Voters this fall will elect committee members for political parties as well as judges and some local offices.

The change would apply only to this year.

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