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Big Brother Has Idea For High Holiday Sermon

Big Brother Has Idea For High Holiday Sermon

Associate Editor

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Here’s Rabbi Josh Yuter’s interesting angle on Obama’s conference call with rabbis regarding Obama’s health care plan. Even if the health care plan is terrific, isn’t it improper, perhaps a violation of the non-profit law governing houses of worship – or, at the very least, the spirit of the law – for the president to ask rabbis to campaign on his political behalf from their pulpits? And is that what your soul needs to focus on during the holiest time of the year, a political brawl of a bill in Congress? And what makes rabbis such experts on this bill, any more than their congregants? Which isn’t to say that this country doen’t need a heath care overhaul, or an intelligent debate on the subject, but only that most rabbis will only show themselves to be Tammany hacks, lacking in all spiritual imagination, if they can’t think of anything to say or do when the gates of Heaven are open, other than a politician’s bidding.

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