Ben-Gurion Airport Lesson

Ben-Gurion Airport Lesson

Your Editorial (“In The Words Of The Prophet,” Aug. 8) noted, “Some will say the war proved that it would be foolhardy to risk the compromises needed for a Palestinian state…”

One particular incident in the war illustrated the dangers of Palestinian statehood as much as anything else. The landing of a single Hamas rocket in the general vicinity of Ben-Gurion Airport resulted in airlines all over the world canceling their flights to Israel. If those cancellations had continued, it would have been catastrophic for Israel’s economy. Note that the airport is less than five miles from where the Judea-Samaria (West Bank) region begins. That’s where a Palestinian state, and a Palestinian army, would be located.

Even a lone Palestinian terrorist with a shoulder-fired missile would be able to target planes arriving at, or leaving, Ben-Gurion Airport. So the next time you hear someone advocating creation of a Palestinian state, remember what happened to Ben-Gurion Airport in July 2014 — and imagine what it would be like if that happened every week.

Members of the Board, Religious Zionists of America Manhattan

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