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Beinart’s Cheating Heart (Intermarriage Might Be The Answer)

Beinart’s Cheating Heart (Intermarriage Might Be The Answer)

Associate Editor

Let’s start off with a song by Hank Williams that pretty much sums up Israel’s response to American Jews: "Why can’t you be the way you used to be? How come you find so many faults with me? Somebody’s changed so let me give you a clue, why don’t you love me like you used to do?"

If you’re a Zionist — a real Zionist, not a New York Review of Books "Zionist" — check out Christians United For Israel. And read this piece by Pastor Hagee.

Then read (if you haven’t yet) Beinart’s piece that could have been titled, "The Protocols Against The Elders of Zion," a manifesto — if not an attack on Fort Sumter — urging the pro-Israel lobby to commit suicide by appeasing some of the most absolutely ignorant, and marginally affiilated American Jews who happen to despise the Israeli government.

We have reached an odd junction in history in which our best friends are Christians Zionists and our enemies are these young liberal neo-Jews who are assimilating and unaffiliating.

That’s the good news — the anti-Zionists are assimilating. Not fast enough for my taste, but as long as they promise to keep assimilating, I’ll promise to call them a cab.

You think Hagee wants Jews to convert? Heck, I want Jews to convert. Some, anyway. Intermarriage, ironically, could be the salvation. Not so much intermarriage as Christianity. Even as the student senate at Brandeis refused to vote for a simple resolution honoring Israel on her 60th Independence Day, as Beinart cited as proof of young Jewish alienation, and even as more than a hundred Jewish leftists at Brandeis, a school under Jewish auspices, tried (but failed) to stop Israel’s Ambassador Oren from speaking at this year’s graduation, nevertheless 51 student presidents — 51 — from non-Jewish universities went out of their way to invite Ambassador Oren.

So the problem isn’t young people, the problem is leftist young Jewish people. Perhaps if we can encourage them to marry Christians (who are often more sympathetic than their Jewish spouses) and then have Christian children and grandchildren, those future generations will be more likely to support Israel the way Christian America does.

After all, one factor in intermarriage is a disregard — or at best, a willingness to roll the dice — on Jewish continuity. Support for Israel is premised, to a large extent, on a profound concern for Jewish continuity, or at least the continuity of the Jewish State. That kind of respect and support for continuity, as we see from the 51 pro-Israel student presidents, is more likely to come from Christians, whereas assimilating leftist Jews, while giving lip service to wanting to "save Israel" — saving Israel in their own image, only — are more about rolling the dice on Israel’s physical survival, and sabotaging Israel’s democratic choices, as we see with their less than loyal opposition to the current Israeli government.

The answer is to turn these young Jewish leftists, or at least their children, into Christians. It’s time to re-think our fears and the frantic concern for American Jewish demographics. The current situation, as laid out by Beinart, may be much worse.

Intermarriage? Bring it on. (There are mystical reasons why a Jewish soul should stay Jewish with all that entails, but for me to admit to that would be so uncool.)

Considering the way I love and respect Hagee and Hank Williams and American Goyishkeit — more than I care for neo-Jewish, Humanistic, anti-Zionist narishkeit — it might even be good for our relationship.

But here’s what I’m dead serious about. — It’s time for the last Zionists standing to dare to win this debate or become tough-as-nails Jewish survivalists, aligned with Hagee and our Christian Zionist friends against this neo-Jewish fifth column. The bad guys are playing for keeps.

But aside from the most ignorant and prejudiced anti-Zionists who may still be in the room, here’s my question for their more educated leaders and even their rabbis and journalists such as Beinart: Remember when the Jewish community really hated Satmar and even Neturei Karta for being anti-Zionist? Try to remember why. Aside from the expected anti-chasidic bigotry, what did you ever find wrong with Satmar anti-Zionism? They don’t like or respect the Israeli flag anymore than does Tablet’s East Village Mamele, inspired by Beinart.

Satmar chasidim and Neturie Karta can actually think of some good things to say about the Land of Israel and the People of Israel, and why serious Judaism is worth preserving.

Between the Beinarts and Satmar, give me Satmar any day.

Face it, the Beinarts at their best are not much different than Neturei Karta.

Unlike the Beinarts, I’m not a petulant sunshine-patriot, only loving Israel if the prime minister’s policies are exactly my own. I line up with the supporters of the Netanyahu government that was freely elected by the people of Israel, as I’ve supported every Israeli government, expressing my differences but never withholding affection. I never hesitate in my admiration, gratitude and support for Israeli soldiers, both on that side of the ocean and the soldiers over here — AIPAC, the varied Christian Zionists, and the Conference of Presidents.

Here’s a tip from Hank Williams to all the Beinarts. You’re cheatin’ heart will tell on you.

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