BDS Movements, Close To Home

BDS Movements, Close To Home

Morton Klein is mistaken when he says (Letters, July 29) that “we, in America … do not have to worry about these kinds of threats” — that is, the effort to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. The BDS movement has been very active on American college campuses for many years.

In addition I’d like to share my own recent experience. A small but vociferous group of members of our food co-op in Brooklyn is strenuously engaged in these efforts to delegitimize Israel. They use the co-op’s newsletters and monthly general meetings to keep this issue front and center. Most disheartening, the most active and vocal of the leaders of the BDS movement are Jewish, even Israel-born.

I know that our neighborhood food co-op is not unique in having this experience, as other food co-ops around the country are fighting the very same well-organized anti-Israel effort. I am also sure that there are other community-based venues that are encountering this effort.

Let’s not minimize this potent threat.


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