Bad Deal On Iran

Bad Deal On Iran

I am very disappointed and not surprised that President Obama and Secretary of State John
Kerry capitulated to the Iranian theocracy on very key points. (“Israel Facing Agonizing Choice On Iran Deal,” July 17).

The 24-day notice required for an inspection enables the Iranians to cheat. President
Obama’s “historic” agreement is analogous to Neville Chamberlain’s
appeasement of the Nazi aggressors in 1938. In both cases the leaders lost sight
of the fact that peace at any cost will not work.

I agree with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement that “this treaty is a stunning mistake of historical proportions,” as well as Donald
Trump’s observation that we are a laughing stock in Iran.

I predict a new nuclear arms race and a more violent,
unsafe world. The Congress should analyze this treaty very carefully and not
give the green light to the treaty unless the global order’s interests are

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