Bacon Is Kosher This Week

Bacon Is Kosher This Week

In New Hampshire, that is.

Its scent on a lottery ticket, that is – not the actual pig product.

New Hampshire’s Lottery Commission has released a bacon-scented, scratch-n-sniff, “I Heart Bacon” ticket that has a $1,000 grand prize. It’s thought to be the first lottery ticket in the United States with that unique smell.

“It’s not a problem,” says Rabbi Levi Krinsky, director of Chabad of New Hampshire.

Lottery Commission Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said players "will think it's time for Saturday morning breakfast."

Not Jewish players, obviously.

To promote the ticket, the New Hampshire Lottery announced a "bacon truck," that would hand out free applewood smoked bacon samples and tickets at stores in several cities.

Rabbi Krinsky had no plans to patronize the truck; He did not indicate if he plans to buy a bacon-scented ticket.

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