Bachelorette Spoiler Alert: Is He Jewish?

Bachelorette Spoiler Alert: Is He Jewish?

Jewish bachelorette chooses Jewish soul mate.

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Now that’s a shidduch.

Jewish bachelorette Andi Dorfman has chosen her match—and he’s Jewish. Spoilers leaked online reveal that Josh Murray, 29-year-old former pro baseball player, is her man. Murray's mother is Jewish and his father is Catholic.

Dorfman is the first female Jewish contestant to join the show in all the 18 former seasons of The Bachelor and nine former seasons of The Bachelorette. And though there have been other Jewish contestants in the past, this is the first time both members of the winning couple are Jewish.

Even without the leaked spoilers, Murray is clearly the favorite among the final three. In the last rose ceremony to air, Murray was the first to receive a rose.

When Dorfman went home to meet Murray's parents, the introduction went exceptionally well. Murray's mother even cried because she was so happy for her son. And who wouldn’t be. That’s true yiddishe nachas.

The season finale airs on Monday, July 28.

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