Babka Absence

Babka Absence

In your story, “A Babka Monopoly At Green’s?” (July 24), what is absent is precisely what was described to me as the crux of the story at the time of the interview: What are New York City’s favorite babka brands, and why? And we discussed several favorite brands, with one great favorite: Babkalicious By Lana. Not a word about that brand, or other good brands mentioned (namely Gombo). Instead, your story looks like a protracted ad for one brand.

I respectfully deplore the fact that the only spot in your story where I was quoted was related to a brand I clearly said I find subpar. Always a pleasure to be interviewed by your publication, but it is a much lesser pleasure to be quoted out of turn, and misquoted.

The writer is a cookbook author, cooking teacher and blogger.

Editor’s Note: We stand by the quotes attributed to Ms. Kirschenbaum.


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