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At The Movies

At The Movies

Purim Spoof 2011

The King’s Peach – Achashverosh chooses Esther
The Social Not Work – Kollel guys join Facebook
Black Hat Swan – Yeshiva boy turns ballet dancer.
True Brit – Israel debates who is a Jew
Winter’s Shankbone – Pesach comes early
127 Hours – Shabbos ends late
The Kiddush Fighter – Congregant pushes
toward food table after services
The Kids Are All to the Right – Children
return from their gap year in Israel
Just Blow With It – Documentary on the shofar
No String Attached – Hamptons eruv is denied
Harry Potter and the Deathly Challah – Wizard bakes for Shabbos
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Shnorrer –
Fortune teller makes predictions at the Kotel
Unknown – Liam Neeson spends two hours trying to find out the name of the donor who gave $20 million to Lincoln Square Synagogue. Violence, lashon harah.
Fress, Daven, Shtup – Singles weekend
at Kutsher’s