Apologizes For Nothing

Apologizes For Nothing

Regarding the absolutely outrageous letter from Rabbi Arthur Waskow (May 20, Letters), let me be clear: Jim Dwyer’s piece in The New York Times was part of a concerted campaign to defame me [over this letter-writer’s role in the initial decision by the CUNY board to deny Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner an honorary degree]. I apologize for nothing. I never made the statement that Palestinians were not human.

I was very clear to the reporter at the “newspaper of record” that the Palestinians had developed an official culture of death, with government rewards for the families of suicide bombers, educational incitement to hatred and the like. I also stated that anyone who worships death for his or her child is not human — it is against the natural order.

Rabbi Waskow, like the Times, spins a yarn to suit his own warped view. If the good rabbi also believes, as does Mr. Kushner, that the Jewish people, the people of Israel, are guilty of ethnic cleansing — then he, too merits my unequivocal condemnation.


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