Apologize To Kerry

Apologize To Kerry

It’s bad enough for right-wing Israeli politicians to groundlessly accuse
Secretary of State John Kerry of encouraging the burgeoning movement, 
primarily in Europe, to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) Israel.

for The Jewish Week (“Kerry Adds Fuel To BDS Fire,” Editorial, Feb. 7) to echo
this absurd accusation is positively deplorable. Talk about shooting the
messenger! Only in your fevered imagination would Kerry’s mischaracterized
“warn[ing] that Israel may by subject to a larger, more organized
international boycott movement should Jerusalem not make desired concessions
in the until-now unsuccessful peace negotiations with the Palestinians” be
seen as an “implied threat: give in to U.S. — and Palestinian — demands
or Washington will turn its back when the rest of the world joins the BDS …

Kerry was simply stating an indisputable fact, which he himself has
consistently spoken out against, going so far as to appeal to the EU to
rescind restrictions on assistance to Israeli institutions that also operate
in the West Bank. The Jewish Week owes John Kerry an apology.


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