Another View Of Immigration Reform

Another View Of Immigration Reform

Rabbi Seth M. Limmer presents a liberal viewpoint on immigration reform (“Immigration Reform Is A Moral And Religious Duty,” May 24) based upon a need for justice. Where is the justice for the
people who waited until they had legitimate visas to come to this country?

grandparents came to this country from Europe, but couldn’t come until they
had visas. Why is it justice to give illegal immigrants the same rights and
privileges others had to wait their turn for? Where is the justice for the
rightful citizens, especially of the Southwestern states, who have been
denied safety because of the porous borders the federal government has
ignored for years?

Rabbi Limmer also makes it a religious imperative to grant equality to LGBT Americans
because they cannot sponsor visas for their partners. He conveniently quotes
Pirkei Avot as the mandate for his pursuit of justice. He couldn’t find a
rabbinical source for his concern for LGBT rights because there is none.
Everyone in America has the freedom to decide their own moral compass and
even make a religion out of it. But if you are basing your religion on
rabbinical teachings, let us be consistent. That is a Jewish religious duty.

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