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Another Cab Driver Loves Me More Than Life Itself

Another Cab Driver Loves Me More Than Life Itself

Since when did the cabbie become the new bartender?

I mean, when they aren’t robbing you blind or heaping curses upon your head, they sure as hell are a shoulder to lean on, which, for better or worse is just what this American in Israel needs!

Take this lastest incident.

I was cabbing it to the Knesset to cover a ceremony and the driver couldn’t stop chatting me up. Like I need a new friend.

So I cut him off and filled his ear with complaints about the current fella in the picture. You see, we had only spoken on the phone a few times and had yet to meet in person and already he was annoying me.

First, he made the mistake of texting me too many times with too many smiley’s and too many references to musicals he loves, including and not excluding Annie. As in, little orphan.

And then he started in with the anti-Obama rhetoric.

"Stop!" I texted back, which is another way of saying, "Stop!"

I mean, I’m tired of Israelis hating Obama.

"You’re right!" my cabbie validated me, and if there is anything in this world I love it is validation. He said that my date should just zip it on his opinions until we’ve met and have established some kind of rapport.

"Men don’t know how to act!" he said in disgust.

The whole thing got me thinking. Why is it that when this guy says one disparaging thing about Obama I immediately want to kick him to the curb? But when another guy says some really sweeping and frankly, stupid, thing about Hemingway, I just smile and bat my eyes, even while telling him his opinion is crap?

The question is: Are we wired to either like or not like someone within the first 30-seconds and there is nothing we can do about it?

Or can we make ourselves like someone?

Because the ones I fancy can’t get far enough away from me.

And the ones who like me either bore me to tears or irritate me to no end.

"I’m putting my prayers out to the heavens for you that you will meet your match soon," said my cabbie, practically blowing me kisses as I shut the door behind me.

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