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‘Anonymous’ Showed Integrity

‘Anonymous’ Showed Integrity

I read the thoughtful piece by Anonymous (“From MS to Mrs.: Hiding in Plain Sight,” Back Of The Book, Oct. 29) with great pain, but probably not genuine surprise. I felt compelled to share my humble thoughts, given my belief in the goodness of our people, the better tomorrow and the ability of our rabbis to help us find the proper paths as we struggle with what are apparently our communal challenges.
Integrity — that’s what Anonymous has for speaking up. Integrity is what I feel we are lacking if she is right. If we discriminate amongst our fellow Jews based on disability, then shame on us. Worse yet, if we teach our children that this is acceptable, then greater shame on us. On the other hand, if we take all the steps we can to eradicate the feelings of loneliness and despair suffered by those in positions similar to Anonymous, and to reverse the fears that Anonymous is experiencing, then the “better tomorrow” that we all yearn for shall become a reality.

West Hempstead, L.I.

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