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An Urgent Appeal to Our Readers

An Urgent Appeal to Our Readers

The coronavirus has demonstrated the necessity of a Jewish newspaper and website that keep you informed about the community.

Your contribution is needed today, in any amount, to keep The Jewish Week publishing and as your source for valuable news and information about your community.

The Jewish Week has responded to the current crisis with a daily update of closings and health alerts, and other essential information. We’ve updated our website. We’ve sent reporters to cover the communities in the Greater New York area hit hardest by the disease.

But even as we deploy more resources, we, like other small businesses and especially media companies, are being hit with the dire economic effects of the virus and its spread: businesses and organizations have cancelled their advertising. The Jewish Week has had to cancel various events, including our Grand Wine Tasting, that would have brought in much-needed revenue in what was already a challenging market.

That’s why we need you, our readers and supporters, now more than ever. Please help us in our mission to deliver the Jewish news you and the Jewish community depend on. Help us tell the story of a community in crisis, and the ways Jewish communities like ours rally in times of danger. Your emergency gift to The Jewish Week helps us maintain a staff of knowledgeable local reporters, get our alerts out to more people and connect what many fear will be an increasingly isolated community.

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Richard Waloff


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