An Idea For SodaStream

An Idea For SodaStream

There was no implied threat in the statement by Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel may be
subject to a larger international economic boycott than is now in process if
the peace talks do not make progress (“Kerry Adds Fuel To BDS Fire,” Editorial, Feb. 7, “Boycott Fears Bubbling Over Amid SodaStream Controversy,” Feb. 7). Kerry’s statement will not increase
the likelihood of enlarged boycott. He simply described the potential for the
economic implications if the status quo continues to be the status quo.

here’s an economic idea that does not depend on Kerry and might defuse some
of the boycotting. Why don’t Israel investors like West Bank-based
SodaStream collaborate with Palestinian investors and develop industry within
the Palestinian territory? It would be a road to economic parity, create jobs
for Palestinians in a place where the workers are not subject to check points
and check point closing and have the potential rise up the chain instead of
working at the lowest rung in Israeli factories.

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