AMIT Students Garner Top Physics Honors

AMIT Students Garner Top Physics Honors

Three students at the AMIT Junior and Senior High School in Beersheva, Israel, won first, second and fourth place awards at the recent First Step to the Nobel Prize in Physics competition held in Warsaw, Poland. This is the third straight year that an AMIT student from Beersheva captured one of the gold medals in the prestigious competition.

This year’s event brought together teams of high school students from the United States, China and throughout Europe. The students submit projects that are then judged by professors of physics for originally and academic excellence.

Eli Godinsky, Evelyn Genis and Danny Niemark, all of whom also attend the physics program at the Ilan Ramon Youth Physics Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, took first, second and fourth place, respectively.

Amnon Eldar, director general of AMIT in Israel, said, “These students are a symbol of the excellence that we strive for within the AMIT Network, and an example to all young people.”

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