Agrees With Rabbi Jacobs

Agrees With Rabbi Jacobs

I applaud Rabbi Rick Jacobs’ comments at the URJ Biennial and to Gary 
Rosenblatt (“A Call For ‘Audacious Hospitality’,” Jan. 17). Rabbi
 Jacobs is right that “finger-wagging” is a turnoff for intermarried Jews 
and their partners who might otherwise make Jewish choices. Mr. Rosenblatt 
professes not to think of intermarriage as a “disease,” but that is the
 message that he and Messrs. Cohen, Bayme and Wertheimer convey. The communal 
intervention they seek to encourage in-marriage would be a roadblock to the
“on-ramps to Jewish life” that Rabbi Jacobs rightly wants to build for 
the majority of the next generation who will be the children of

Founder and CEO, Interfaith Family

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