Advice For Bronfman
Letters to the editor

Advice For Bronfman

I commend Charles Bronfman for supporting Israel financially, especially Birthright trips (“Why Bronfman’s Patience With Jerusalem Is Waning,” Editor’s column, May 11). However, one should not use the power of the purse to sway political and security issues in a country where one doesn’t reside.

Israel is not America and, my dear American brother, don’t try to make it that way. The fact is, Mr. Bronfman, you are right that Israel doesn’t need your money, its economy is strong and can afford to take care of its own social service organizations, with which many young and successful entrepreneurs are already engaged. The bottom line is [that it’s imperative] to continue supporting Birthright because frankly, today’s American Jewish youth are more in need of Israel [than Israel is of American Jews] in order to secure a Jewish future in America.


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