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Ack, Rosh HaShanah Is Only A Week Away!

Ack, Rosh HaShanah Is Only A Week Away!

Oy va voy, the High Holidays are a week away and I still don’t have plans! (And, while I haven’t lost my mezuzah, I still have to put it up.)

Well, I have tentative plans, but no tickets or reservations, as of yet. That may change tomorrow night, after I go to an open house at the Reform temple I’ve been pretty sure, but not 100 percent sure, I want to join.

I have friends who are members there, got a good feeling when I visited over Shavuot, and I’ve heard good things about the Hebrew school, whose schedule miraculously does not conflict with my daughters’ lineups of soccer and ballet classes.

It’s just a question of sitting down to write that not insignificant-sized check, which I feel nervous about since, after all, Joe and the kids have never been there, and I’ve only visited the place ONCE! (With a non-Jewish prospective convert friend who everyone assumed was my husband.)

Yes, I recognize this is all my own damn fault for blowing off Shabbat services all summer. But in my defense, the temple itself is fairly quiet all summer, with no kids’ activities. Not to mention that with school starting late this year and Rosh HaShanah starting early, the holiday begins just a few hours after I pick up the kids from their first day of school!

The good news is that if it’s too late to sign up for the High Holidays there, there is an array of free services offered throughout the city (including the amazing CBST, which I attended last year), and some don’t even require reservations. For interested readers, I’ll link to information later this week.

And for those of you experiencing your first High Holidays, or your first as part of an interfaith couple, check out the excellent “High Holiday Tips for Interfaith Families” on

Happy New Year!

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