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A Virtual Tour Of Tel Aviv Architecture

A Virtual Tour Of Tel Aviv Architecture

Sandee is the arts and culture editor at the Jewish Week.

A graphic artist’s search for a new apartment in Tel Aviv has resulted in a spectacular new website documenting some of the White City’s most distinctive buildings.

As Avner Gicelter wandered all around central Tel Aviv looking for a new place to live, his passion for architecture was reawakened. The 28-year old designer became more interested in the buildings he was passing and their architecture than in an apartment. Inspired too by another artist’s website in New York City, Jose Guizar’s “Windows of New York,” Gicelter began drawing the buildings and coloring them in the palette of the city, to beautiful effect.

His process was to walk in the city’s old areas, observe and take photos of buildings of interest, whether for their architectural style, the way residents designed the balconies, or their presence on the street. He then used the photos as reference in illustrating.

Gicelter’s striking designs are simple, skillfully rendered and stylish in their understated way, with careful attention to typography and color — all reflecting what he refers to as “a Tel Aviv-ian atmosphere.”

‘I wanted to use this simple yet very honorable way of design to show my love for my hometown and its most beautiful buildings,” he writes in an email.

In 2003, Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its more than 4,000 Bauhaus and International-style buildings. Gicelter has created a virtual walking tour of the city’s gems. Each week, he’ll add a new illustration to the website, TLV Buildings.

Born in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Gicelter studied graphic design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and now works as a user experience designer for a start-up company in Herzliya.

For Gicelter, the project has already had one happy ending: He and his partner have found a new apartment.

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