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A Strained Clash: Palestinian Rockets “Strain” Israel-Hamas Truce

A Strained Clash: Palestinian Rockets “Strain” Israel-Hamas Truce

Associate Editor

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Just hours, really, into the Hamas-Israel truce, rockets flew out of Gaza and landed in Israel.

“Gaza truce strained by rocket fire,” headlined Reuters (June 28). Strained? Sending rockets into another country is an act of war. What would the Palestinians of Gaza have to do to advance this beyond strained?

When John Wilkes Booth fired shots at Lincoln, did that strain his relationship with Mrs. Lincoln? If a man consistently beats a woman up, does that strain their relationship or does it end it? Of course, Israel is very much like a battered woman, she sees the good in the Palestinians. She calls the cops, every now and then, but she won’t press charges or go to “war,” as divorce lawyers call it. She wants peace, says the battered woman.

If Israel bombed Gaza City, B’tselem and Rabbis for Human Rights would call it a war crime, not something strained. When rockets fly from Hamas into Israel, no one calls it very much of anything, certainly not a reason for a massive retaliation. The battered woman loves peace, you see.

Speaking of strained language, we saw an item the other day that the saintly black-Jewish coalition “clashed” in Crown Heights in 1991. That’s what too many journalists like to call it, a clash, which implies an equity of complaints. It was about a clash the way a rock hitting glass in a clash, the rock complaining that the broken window hit him first.

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