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A Matter Of Respect

A Matter Of Respect

Regarding Jonathan Mark’s column, “Frum Dress Codes V. Human Rights” (April 19), I am a non-frum woman from the Upper West Side who ordinarily wears pants.

However, my son is a Lubavitcher chasid who lives in Crown Heights, and when I visit him I wear a skirt as a show of respect for his beliefs. I do the same for a friend, also a Lubavitch chasid, who lives in Midwood.  

I find the case against the Satmar shopkeepers in Williamsburg who are asking for respectful dress ridiculous. Why would anyone be against “respect” for another’s beliefs? It doesn’t threaten anyone in any way, and I sincerely hope this case is thrown out of court. No one is being asked to adopt the beliefs of the Satmar chasidim, just to respect their way of life in their neighborhood.


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