A Letter To The Ghetto

A Letter To The Ghetto

Words become a tragic message for a savvy reader.

The arrest of Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto. Via Wikipedia.org

אב התרצ”ח

To my friends and family way back home
Or as much of a home as can be
Im writing to tell you that life is great
As I hope you’ll soon come to see

We’re fed wondrous feasts daily
Like royalty we eat again
We have as much food to eat
As in Tishrei on day ten

Our clothing as well
Is extravagantly fair
As nice as on Purim
The clothing we wear

We’re definitely happy here
Thanks to the one above
We celebrate joyfully
Like on the ninth of Av

Hence dearest family and friends
Don’t worry about me
I’ll end up like Ahashverosh’s
Dearest Queen Vashti

We’ll meet again soon
So fear not
I’ll see you one day
When karbanot* are brought

* sacrifices

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