A Letter To My Dad

A Letter To My Dad

Dear Dad:

We are both deaf and we both know no limits. It is the greatest gift you have given me as my father. As a young child, I watched you coach a deaf water polo team and a deaf basketball team, collaborate with the early stage technology institutions to help bring the internet and computers to the deaf community, raise funds for the nation’s deaf youth, and co-found the nation’s first and only deaf owned manufacturer of assistive technology products for the deaf and hard of hearing with Mom.

You did all that and more while being at every step of the way as I navigated my way through grade school and my career as one of the nation’s first handful of deaf civil rights lawyers. Little did I know that most of my dreams were of the herculean variety. All I saw was you and Mom with the “see you can do it” twinkle in your eyes every time I tried something new and never ever being told otherwise.

I did not have to be told that that there were no limits, I was shown it was the only way to live.

I still know no limits.

Thank you for the greatest gift of all.


Alexis Kashar is a mother of three and a long time cvil rights attorney. Currently, Kashar is the General Counsel and Chief of Strategic Planning for Krown Manufacturing, a manufacturer of cutting edge and universally designed products for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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